Hawkes Group secures another new contract at Northampton for, Project includes Demolition & Strip out of the existing B & Q store on...
Hawkes Group secures a new contract for Lodgepark construction Ltd, Project includes Civil Engineering for Oak Furniture Land shop extension...
Hawkes Group secures a new contract for R Mclester Builders Ltd. Project includes Demolition, Civil Engineering and Groundworks for the new ...
\r\n The St Edmund\'s Hospital site in Northampton is now being demolished\r\nPaul Lynch\r\n\r\nThe chair of A Northampton residents association says...
Hawkes Group secures another new contract at Peterborough for Budworth Hardcastle Ltd, Project includes Demolition of the existing Greenwood...
07/03/2016Hawkes Group secures another new contract at Letchworth for MCS Group Ltd, Project includes Demolition of the existing Office Bloc...
07/03/2016Hawkes Group secures a new contract for Life Space Developments Ltd, Project includes Civil Engineering for two new blocks of flat...
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Hawkes deliver some of the most prestigious construction and demolition projects in the UK.

We are committed to working with the local community to engage local people and businesses wherever possible.  Our sensitivity to the needs of local residents and a focus on the uninterrupted operation of businesses is a priority on all of our projects.

Neighbourhood Liaison

Many of our most complex projects are undertaken in densely populated areas and Hawkes’s Neighbourhood Liaison team are experts in maintaining close links with all who may be affected by our work.

Community Focus

Our community focus isn’t just about troubleshooting.  We’re proud to actively contribute to the communities within which we work to support: important local initiatives, employment and work experience opportunities, volunteering and local schools.

The Environment and the Community

Hawkes’s focus on the environment is longstanding and throughout all of our operations we ensure that environmental considerations are a priority.

This can range from our informed decisions about the selection of materials, waste management and transport, to noise, dust and vibration monitoring solutions.

We use our resources as efficiently as possible and we are proud of the efforts we go to, to reduce, reuse and recycle on average 98% of building materials from our demolition projects to the benefit of the environment as well as the local community.  We give all kinds of materials a new lease of life; ultimately diverting waste from landfill.

Fuel Use:

We have an ongoing policy of replacing old vehicles, plant and machinery with more efficient vehicles, plant and machinery once they have reached the end of their useful working life. By doing this we aim to reduce fuel consumption and emissions of our fleet of plant and machinery to minimise their impact on the environment.

Cycle Safety

Here at Hawkes, we’re delighted that more and more cyclists are taking to the roads.  And as a champion of safety, on and off our projects, we are determined to play our part in making cycle journeys as risk free as possible.

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